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Gluten free cross contamination

Around 1 in 3 Australians are avoiding food components such as gluten, dairy and meat. 1 in 70 Australians has Coeliac Disease and around 10 per cent of Australians have other food allergies.

Cafes and restaurants are missing out on business by not adequately catering for customers with food allergies. But don’t go in blind and risk the health of your customers, and the reputation of your business.

The chance for cross-contamination of food allergens in a busy kitchen is high. Do you toast allergy-free bread in your toaster? Do you cook allergy-free chips in the same oil as other batter? Do you use the same condiments for every customer? Do you cook and serve your gluten free pizza bases on the same tray, and with the same utensils as other pizza?

All of this means your food is contaminated, and not safe for Coeliacs or customers with anaphylaxis. Let FeedMeToo help reduce this risk to make you and your customers happy.

Reduce your risk


Gluten free foodservice training

There are a number of free and paid training resources specially designed for food service in Australia. Completing one of these courses is the best way to educate yourself and your staff about dealing with food allergies.


Gluten free food delivery service

If you are short on time and want an easy solution now, simply order allergy-friendly or 'free-from' food from FeedMeToo that has been prepared in an allergy safe environment, store it in original, labelled packaging, and follow the instructions on our fact sheet to prepare and serve our food safely.

Kitchen toolkit

We also recommend purchasing one of our kitchen toolkits to help you reduce the chance of contaminating food when preparing and serving food to your customers with food allergies. These should be stored separately from your other utensils and only used for preparing and serving free-from foods.

Let us help grow your business

When you buy through FeedMeToo, we will market your business to the highly engaged Australian food allergy community, who are desperate to learn where they can eat out safely and enjoy their meal at the same time. And who will come back to you time and time again, bringing friends and family with them.

 Searching for gluten free venuesSearching for gluten free venues

Searching for gluten free venuesSearching for gluten free venues