Q. Are all your products gluten free?

Nearly all items are gluten free. The exception is the grain-free and wheat-free mueslis, which are gluten-free by ingredient, but prepared in the same facility as oats.

Q. Where do you deliver in Australia?

Some suppliers deliver nationally, and some are limited to NSW and VIC if items are frozen. If you are outside Sydney, please email feedmetoo@bigpond.com to check if the product you are after can be delivered to you.

Q. Why purchase from FeedMeToo?

FeedMeToo makes dealing with food allergies simple and helps reduce your risk. We only use suppliers who understand the complexities of cross-contamination. Many of these companies do not otherwise supply to foodservice.

All orders arrive with a fact sheet to remind staff about correct ways to handle, store and serve your food to allergic customers.

FeedMeToo also promotes your business to a highly-engaged food allergy community, ensuring repeat business from loyal customers. 

Q. Why can't I order free-from food from my usual supplier?

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, food supplies need to be carefully prepared and packaged. All of FeedMeToo's products have been prepared and delivered safely this way. You will need to ask your other suppliers if this is the case with their 'free-from' products.

Q. Why are free-from products so expensive?

Raw ingredients used to make free-from products are currently more expensive, plus cooking methods are often more time-intensive. People with food allergies are used to paying higher prices for their food.

Q. Do I really need to cater specifically for all these food allergies?

Around 30 per cent of Australians are avoiding food components such as gluten, dairy and meat. 1 in 70 Australians has Coeliac Disease and around 10 per cent of Australians have other food allergies. These potentially loyal customers bring family and friends to dine out, so together represent a significant growth opportunity if you can cater safely for them at the same time as offering tasty food.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

FeedMeToo currently accepts Visa and Mastercard through Shopify payments. You can also pay via direct bank deposit.

Please make payment to:
BSB: 012349
AC: 320424937

Q. Why might I pay multiple delivery fees?

FeedMeToo operates via a distribution model where products are delivered direct from our range of suppliers to you, ensuring faster and fresher delivery. If you have ordered small quantities from a number of different suppliers, multiple shipping fees may apply. Order larger quantities to reduce or remove your shipping costs. Most products will keep in the freezer for months so it makes sense to order in bulk.