Gluten free near me? It's a very common search term.

Are you struggling to cope with everyone’s food allergies?

Keeping up with the demands is giving cafe owners headaches, opening-up risk, and affecting sales. But allergy sufferers just want to be able to eat out like everyone else, and they can help grow your business. These customers are constantly scouring the web for somewhere they can eat.

Cafes and restaurants are missing out on business by not adequately catering for customers with food allergies. Studies have shown that food allergy affects 10% of children up to one year of age, 8% of children up to five years of age, and approximately 2% of adults.[i] 12% of Australians avoid wheat and/or gluten.[ii]

At the same time, people living with food allergies are missing out on eating out. A Coeliac Australia survey showed that trust is a major issue when eating out. 62% reported that fear of cross contamination prevents diners with coeliac disease from eating out. This fear deters Australians living with food allergy from eating away from home. Given that people usually dine with friends or family, this equates to vast numbers of Australians who simply don’t eat out.

According to Coeliac Australia, the gluten free consumer is very loyal if they have a good dining experience. A recent member survey reported that 99% of customers would be very likely to return to a restaurant where they had a good gluten free experience. And most share their experience with others in the gluten free community.

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