There's no gluten in cheese! Or is there?

You'd be surprised where hidden allergens lie in our foods. Yes, there is gluten in some cheeses. The brand of shelf-stable grated parmesan cheese that lived in our family fridge for years contains traces of egg, wheat and soy. 

Other unexpected foods that contain allergens include chocolate (gluten), BBQ sauce (gluten), deli meats (dairy), salad dressings (all allergens), mayonnaise (gluten), lollies (wheat starch), vegemite (gluten), and pizza toppings (shellfish).

ALWAYS double-check your ingredient list before you serve a customer with food allergies. Labels and ingredients can change without notice too, so ensure you keep current packaging and don't top up old containers with new products. 

For a current list of Australian food recalls due to undeclared allergens, see the FSANZ food allergen portal

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