Strange Times

The rapid slowdown of foodservice is affecting us all - from cafe owners, waitstaff and kitchenstaff, suppliers, landlords and customers who want to enjoy a meal out and about. We are all quickly learning to adapt to change.

FeedMeToo remains a valuable food allergy resource to foodservice, but we understand that catering to customers' food allergy needs may not be a business priority right now. So we've shifted our focus to ensuring that those customers can easily access allergy-friendly food in their homes. We are also supporting our suppliers who work so hard to provide safe food for Australians that need to eat food they won't react to. For the first time, members of the public can order direct from FeedMeToo, in bulk quantities, at foodservice prices. 

Because our food comes direct from suppliers, there may be multiple shipping costs if carts contain a wide range of items. You can reduce these costs by sticking to one supplier each time you order, or sharing larger orders with friends and family.

We're all in this together, and we're all learning how things work. There will be lessons learned along the way, but if we keep our eyes on the bigger picture, we'll get there!

Stay safe, and stay well,

Annabel x

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