How do I avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen? Free training is right here.

I have chatted with a few cafe and restaurant owners who say that catering for food allergies is too hard because of the risk of cross-contamination. But with a bit of training, and a bit of care, it's really not. Here are three FREE courses for the hospitality industry:

All About Allergens

Image of food allergy training homepageDesigned and run by the National Allergy Strategy, this is a two part course with an additional module for chefs and cooks working in the school camp industry. Both courses are free, run online and only take about one hour each.


Free food allergy training coursesHospitality educator Typsy is currently offering its short courses for free for a short period. Choose from the lesson which best meets your needs, for example Understanding Food Allergies or How To Prevent Cross Contamination. Each lesson is only a few minutes in length.



Allara Learning

Allara Learning currently has a free six month training offer. The Food Allergy Allara Learning Free Food Allergy Training Course ImageAwarness course only takes about 20 minutes and takes you through the process of learning about food allergies through to managing the order process. 

And don't forget to use clean or separate utensils

Always thoroughly clean any utensils you use to prepare and serve your food allergy customers. Or make it easy and safe by purchasing our toolkit.





















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