Don't poison your customers! With a bit of planning, we can help you be safe.

Did you know that if someone with Coeliac Disease consumes only a few tiny crumbs of gluten, they're considered to be 'poisoned' in industry speak? And a whiff of peanut butter can trigger a deadly anaphylactic reaction in customers with a peanut allergy. Any food reaction in a venue is not only dangerous for customers, but damaging to your business when word gets out.

Without strict care, the chance for cross-contamination of allergens in a busy kitchen is high. Do you toast gluten free bread in your toaster? Do you cook chips in the same oil as other batter? Do you use the same condiments for every customer? Do you cook and serve your gluten free pizza bases in the same space, and with the same utensils as other pizza? All of this means food is contaminated, and not safe. 

It's not only gluten that you need to take care with. According to ASCIAThe most common triggers are egg, cow's milk, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, soy, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

Ideally businesses should undertake a certified training program plus work to achieve recognised certification through Coeliac Australia’s accreditation program, or the National Allergy Strategy e-training course but if you want a quick and easy way of reducing your risk serving food allergic customers, use FeedMeToo to supply your food and keep our toolkit handy to avoid cross-contamination. 

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