Do you need an allergy-friendly kids menu?

YES! Just yes.

Restaurants and cafes in Australia are slowly making the move towards catering for adults with food allergies, but what about the kids?

Kids menus often consist of tantalizing items such as pizza, chips, nuggets and burgers, but RARELY are there items that are gluten or allergy-free. Instead, kids with food allergies are offered grilled meat and salad (without a dressing), which just does not cut it. My family stopped going out for this very reason.

How easy would it be to have some allergy-friendly items for kids on your menu. Keep some chicken nuggets in your freezer, and cook those, with your gluten free fries in a designated air-fryer. Or keep some burger buns frozen so the kids don't have to use their lettuce to hold a meat patty. Frozen pizza bases are freely available, and with a bit of cheese and gluten-free ham, the kids will be chuffed.

And what about a sweet treat? Plain ice cream with fruit...again? Why not have some bakery items ready for these youngsters who already miss out on so much. Create an ice-cream sandwich out of packet biscuits and watch the grin.

Check out our range of allergy-friendly kids food, and make families happy.

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